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We have design expertise in delivering a complete range of solar design services across the globe. We are your go-to solar design partner for sales proposals and PV permit designs.

We have extensive expertise in designing Residential, as well as Commercial Solar Systems of Rooftop types or Ground, Mounted systems.

We can provide a complete report giving overall view, component and system sizing before installing the actual system.

Our detailed solution contains Proposal drawings, Permit drawings, component specifications, system calculations, PV system sizing, Electrical Line diagram, site plan, Array Layouts, As-built drawings. Our team is well-equipped with the latest design software like PVSyst, Sketchup, Helioscope, Aurora, Autocad which enable us to meet the client requirements before time. 

PV system sizing

System component specifications

ROI generation

Array sizing details

Electrical line diagram

Near shading losses

AC DC loss factors

Output analysis

Incentives and income generation per year

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Our in-house team of specialists will advise and support you from the initial design of your project to the commissioning process

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